Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Prepare this delicious dessert to pamper even the most discerning palates.


  • 1 Tablet of Semisour chocolate (150 gr)
  •     1 TZ Whipping cream
  •     1/2 TZ Sugar
  •     2 Clear
  •     2 buds


    In a bowl, melt the previously chopped chocolate, in a bain-Marie, taking care not to let water fall into the chocolate.
    With a blender, mount the cream and add the sugar slowly to make it peak.
    Besides beat the Whites to the point of Nougat and reserve.
    Once you have melted the chocolate let cool a little to be able to add the buds.
    Mix perfectly and add the whipped cream and with the help of a miserable integrate in an enveloping way.
    Finally add the clear and mix with the miserable being careful not to get the air out of the clear.
    Pour into molds and refrigerate until the mousse is firm.